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eMarketing Genie gives you best-in-class, user friendly marketing resources to drive your business to the next level. It lets you access a host of resources and delivers all the benefits of a full-fledged marketing team in a very cost-effective way.
Resources for instant use
We have a repository of beautifully designed high-quality flyers, infographics and brochures. They evoke an emotional response which will compel your prospects to act upon their insurance needs. You name it, we have it; these resources are meant to cater to various client situations. You will be able to personalize them with your contact information and branding.
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Social Media made Breezy
Social Media made Breezy
Use social media to enhance your business. Our user-friendly tools turn Social Media into a prospect-generation means and strengthen relationships with existing customers. You can select from hundreds of eye-catching social-media resources that you can share directly. In addition, these posts have potential to go viral, letting you reach a wider audience.
Close More Sales with High-value Videos
Our 'Life Stories' videos will better convince people to consider buying life insurance. These videos tell real life stories about advantage of life insurance straight from the people who have benefited by it. With eMarketing Genie, you can avail of all these high-quality, high-value videos at your disposal without incurring high cost of making them and looking out for real life beneficiaries. You can easily use them to upgrade your social-media posts, email campaigns and much more.
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eMarketing Genie is a real Game-changer
eMarketing Genie is really a game-changer. There is no other product which comes anywhere near this. What you get is staggering in its scope, features and ease of use. It would cost you an incredible amount of time, talent, and money to create personalized materials like these for your prospects. Because of eMarketing Genie, you have world-class marketing resources at your fingertips.
No threat of your emails being treated as Spam
The emails will not end up in the spam folder. The services engaged by us for delivery of mail ensure that the mail does not land in spam. Its delivery is assured to the inbox of the intended recipient. No matter how compelling the content of the mail happens to be, it will all go waste if your email doesn’t reach your intended recipients. With eMarketing Genie, we’re continually monitoring and improving our systems with new technology and best practices to maximize our email campaign delivery rates and help you maintain your email reputation.
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